Choosing the best colour for your competition bikinis

When you are preparing for competition as a bodybuilder, one of the most fun decisions to make is which competition bikini to choose. Choosing the right colour and style can help to accentuate the best features of the body you have been building and help to de-emphasise any of your weaker points.  Here are some tips.  Warm shades Warmers shades such as reds, golds and oranges can wash out against a darker competition grade tan. Read More 

How to Ensure You Get Quality Custom Made Suits Online

Buying custom made suits online can offer you many benefits; you can have the tailor keep a pattern of a suit you like so you can order it in different materials and colors, and you can pick and choose the details of the suit so it will fit your style and taste completely. If you have special needs for a suit, such as wanting to avoid certain materials made from animal products, you can also dictate these as you order. Read More